Toby Mott installation at the Atelier

Toby Mott takeover at the Atelier October 6th – Mid November  

We are over the moon to be hosting a collection of work from Toby’s I love my Neighbourhood series, rendered on brightly coloured handmade Kadhi paper, each piece drops a pop art sensibility into local locations   –  I 🖤Arundel ( obviously) , I🖤Petworth, I 🖤 Brighton, I🖤East Preston. I🖤Midhurst, I 🖤 Sussex and more. 

Toby’s talents kicked off with the notorious Grey Organisation (GO) back in the 80’s and he has been creating artistic mayhem ever since, now as CULTURAL TRAFFIC…. In 1998 he developed the I🖤 work, based on writing school detention lines with a collection of t’shirts and ‘merch’ – in his unmistakable style the Neighbourhood direction developed post lockdown, reflects the importance and love people place on their locality.

PRICES start from £200 (A4 size) – £500 (R1)